Psychic Medium Spiritual Healer

 Tina Escoto

Tina Escoto


“Let me help you Heal Yourself and Heal Others.”

I want to give you the tools to Empower you in the Spiritual Realm.

A Mentor

I mentor individuals who are seeking to expand their abilities one-on-one privately, or as part of a group in a classroom setting. Contact me to set up a private session: for group mentoring and classes, visit the Classes and Events page. Private mentoring is $100 per 90-minute session.  

Contact me @ 480-220-9233

Energy Worker

I use the gold “Christ Light” to repair the body’s energy centers, bringing them back into alignment. During this process, I use my unique ability to scan the body and see where energy blockages or attachments have occurred, and then energetically remove them. After the session, I give each person the tools necessary to keep the body in alignment.

A Teacher

This class pulls together several different modalities to clear and balance your chakra energy centers. I will teach you my technique on how to tap into the persons energy and to listen intuitively what they need for healing.

Location; Everything Just Rocks 2235 W 1st Street, Suite 102 Tempe, Az.
Cost $20.00 per person

seven chakras and our health

I Clear Homes, Businesses and Outdoor Spaces 

I clear homes, businesses and outdoor spaces of negative energy, leaving the individuals who interact with these spaces the tools to perform the clearing themselves as needed.