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Tina Escoto

Mystic Horse Journeys


Mystic Horse Journeys

Enjoy a custom horseback journey that includes a meditation and reading, allowing the participant to energetically connect with the horse, nature and spirit. Each journey is customized – from visiting Sedona, Flagstaff or the Sonoran desert, this is not just a horseback ride. It is a transformational experience that transcends a normal “trail” ride and takes the participant to a higher vibrational level, energetically and spiritually.

As this is an intensely-personal journey, please call in advance of scheduling to determine the type of experience you would like to have. Pricing varies by destination and time.


We offer several classes with Mystic Horse Journey

  • Horse communicator
  • Horse Therapy
  • Horse Healing
  • Horse Chakra Balancing
  • Horse Riding
  • Mystic Horse Journeys